El Megana

Nuweiba, Egypt

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Next to a very basic Bedouin camp about 30mins north of naweba, is a dive site named Al Ma'agana or El Megana. You start with a shallow swim from shore across a bed of seagrass, where seahorses are common but hard to spot. Then you go either to the sandy slope on the left where some nice pinnacles can be found full of anemones. There is also a small canyon and swim-through at 27 meters of depth. To the right is a colorful wall where some bigger fish can be found floating in the current. One of the special things about this dive is that most tours do two dives here. This gives you the opportunity to take lunch at the Bedouin camp where they serve some excellent food.

This site is famous for its smaller creatures such as nudibranches and seahorses. You will also see some of the more common reef fish and when lucky some larger examples such as napoleon wrasses and barracudas. Some of the pieces of hard coral are fantastic and full of life, which will give some great photos for macro photographers.

Some great macro scuba diving photography has been shot at this site.

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