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The Pinnaclescuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 9 divers

The Pinnacle

Forster, Australia

Famous for large grey nurse sharks, turtles, large crayfish, schools of kingfish and yellowfin tuna. This is truly one of the great sites for advanced divers in NSW. The dive site is accessed by boat and there is a permanent mooring buoy here. Drop down the line and you are likely to be faced with a few of the gentle giants of the area - grey nurs...
Inner Latitudescuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 6 divers

Inner Latitude

Forster, Australia

This is Forster's most popular dive site. It’s relatively sheltered and there is a high chance of seeing grey nurse sharks, moray eels, loggerhead turutles, blue groper, eagle rays as well as the more lionfish, port jackson sharks and numerous other fish. Local dive centres love this site for getting recently qualified divers the they...

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