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Him Wong Pinnaclescuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 5 divers

Him Wong Pinnacle

Ko Tao, Thailand

Hin Wong Pinnacle is located off the East Coast of Koh Tao and comprises of at granite rock formation which goes from around 10 metres to a depth of 32 metres. The rock has a good section of soft coral brushes and Georgian fans and there are also filefish, shrimpfish, coral grouper and many other reef fish. There are some mild and sometimes stronge...
White Rockscuba diving site
Avg rating 2 by 4 divers

White Rock

Ko Tao, Thailand

Two large granite boulders make up the White Rock dive site; a haven for beginner divers to practise their new underwater skills. The site is near the twins and is famous for its previously large turtle populations, although more recently there have been reports of fewer sightings. White Rock does offer a chance to see a few giant barracuda and s...
Twin Peaksscuba diving site
Not Rated

Twin Peaks

Ko Tao, Thailand

pasting"Ideal site for beginners located onthe far side of Koh Nang Yuan. The two big Twin rocks are embedded into white sand. On entry the depth is around 5 meters and drops to a depth of 18 metre. It's an easy site to navigate and there is plenty of marive life including a friendly pair of rare saddleback clown fish on the western side of the la...

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