Crystal Rock

Komodo, Indonesia

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scuba diving Coral Reef
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Lots of colour, plenty of soft coral coverage and an array of tropical fish mark this as top Indonesian dive site. This islet only breaks the surface at high tide and is known for its crystal clear water; hence, the name “Crystal Rock.” Larger species like white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, leopard sharks and even dolphins have been photographed here.

Due to its location between larger islands the site is heavily affected by the tides and choosing the right time to plunge makes a massive difference. The currents here at other times can be so strong that holding onto bouyi lines is not possible. It is recommended to dive during slack tide.

Due to the strong through currents and surge the water in this area is well aerated and as result the marine life is adundant on a grand scale. This islet is the home to many types of coral reefs, including hard coral reefs with white sand base, but anemones and soft corals can also be observed. In the shallow waters there are lots of vividly coloured creatures that include pyramid butterfly fish, red octopus, cuttlefish, frogfish, moray eels and scorpion-fish, anthias, damselfish and hawksbill turtles. It is also the perfect spot for diverse macro discoveries such as the frog fish and many species of nudibranchs.

Crystal rock is also a common spot for schooling pelagic fish. Regular sightings of large groups of tuna and mackerel are commonly seen too. These attract bottlenose dolphins and these are more commonly seen from the boat than in the water, but some good photos of dolphins swimming near the coral reef have been taken at this scuba sight by numerous divers and the resulting snaps are often breathtaking.

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