Manta Point

Nusa Lembogan, Indonesia

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Manta Point attracts manta year round, the waters are rich with plankton which attracts the magnificent animals for feeding and cleaning; the site also acts as a cleaning station. Manta Point is rather bland so the only reasons to dive this site are the manta rays - but oh are they worth it - just ask the many scuba divers that come back here time after time! On some days you can see one manta, on another day you can see twenty! They are very friendly and enjoy the company of divers, often swooping in to investigate and shivering with excitement as the divers’ bubbles tickle their bellies.

Try coming in low season as between the months of July through to the end of October you can expect up to 30 dive boats on this site. A word of warning This site is always subject to conditions on the day as it is in an area that can experience surface swell. If the swell is too high, no professional dive boats will risk stopping at this location.

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