Marsa Alam, Egypt

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In the middle of no-where at depths of hundreds of meters far off the coast in the Red Sea, the Elphinstone rises like a giant pillar from the deep to touch the surface with 80 meters of it's length.
This giant stone covered with gardens of corals, anemones and sponges together with the often so strong current attract a wide range of fish life. It's often referred to, and famous as a place perfect for diving with sharks. Here you can swim along with huge Whale sharks, spot shy Hammerhead sharks, keep out of the way of hungry Tiger sharks and shake fins with nibbling White-tip reef sharks.

In the morning when the sun shines on it's east side it makes a good choice to pick a napoleon wrasse as a guide and drift up with the current through the forests of gorgonia sea fans on the east side.

In the afternoon as the sun has circled it's way to shine on the west side take another round the steep west side of small caves where squirrel fish and eels hang out and Titan triggerfish are swimming by patrolling the area.

For tech divers there is on the south tip of Elphinstone a archway cave looking like a sarcophagus at a depth of 52-65 meters.

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