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Daedalus scuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 4 divers


Marsa Alam, Egypt

Daedalus reef is almost 100 km southwest of Marsa Alam. It is around an island just 450 m by 100 m, with a lighthouse at the end. This site offers the chance to see four types of sharks (almost guaranteed) : hresher, Scalloped Hammerhead, Grey Reef and Oceanic Whitetip. Hammerhead sharks have also often been seen here - although shy many grea...
Elphinstonescuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 4 divers


Marsa Alam, Egypt

In the middle of no-where at depths of hundreds of meters far off the coast in the Red Sea, the Elphinstone rises like a giant pillar from the deep to touch the surface with 80 meters of it's length. This giant stone covered with gardens of corals, anemones and sponges together with the often so strong current attract a wide range of fish life. It...

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