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Flea bay is accessible by boat or from a 4Wd track in the Pohatu Marine Reserve. Scuba divers and snorklers regularly encounter seals, triplefins, blue cod, lobster and many other temperate water marine life, sometime even dolphins and penguins. Due the location of this dive site there is an endless list of creatures and corals that can be encountered.

On the right hand side of the bay (as you look out) there is very high chance of seeing seals as they tend to stay close to the caves here. The seals are often curious and interested in divers and this makes for a great scuba dive. Otherwise either side of the bay homes large numbers of butterfish, leather jackets, paua and often king fish and other pelagic fish as well.

The dive here is quite safe and with a bottom at no more than 18 meters this is a great site to learn or train at. Getting here by boat is the easiest method, but the steep road (flea bay road) is ok if not brilliant; and this route does involve a massive 900m descent that should be integrated into an decompression calculations that you make.

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