Gordons Mooring

Cairns, Australia

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Gordons Mooring has endless intriguing coral mazes. At night the mazes close into amazing tunnels that change at every bend. Great wall dives, swim-throughs, overhangs and night diving. Expect to see an abundance of marine life combined with plenty of hard corals such as staghorn, table, plate and boulder coral heads and many species of soft corals. If you visit the Great Barrier Reef this is a real scuba divers treat.

Gordon's Mooring has some great swim-throughs and overhangs amongst the variety of smaller bommies. It is very popular with photographers as it boasts a wide range of corals and marine life with plenty of sunlight. Deeper areas of the site provide a stunning blue backdrop for photos. Highlights include several well established giant clams, clown fish, turtles and reef sharks. The shallows are excellent for snorkellers.

If you are lucky you will find the area called "Clown Fish City". A home to a number of species of clown fish just itching to become a star in your underwater photography library

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