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Anemone Reefscuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 4 divers

Anemone Reef

phuket, Thailand

Carepet of sea anemones and the nutrient-rich water are the draw for the constant abundance of reef fish seeking food and shelter. Masive schools of tropical fish, groupers, snappers and asian clown fish, along with larger pelagic fish such as tuna and barracuda are seen here. The occasional leopard shark can be seen passing by. Anemone Reef is ...
King Cruiser Wreckscuba diving site
Not Rated

King Cruiser Wreck

phuket, Thailand

The King Cruiser wreck is 85 metres long by 25 metres wide, and has 4 decks with large passages and window holes. The wreck is resting in an upright position on 32 metres, with the captain's cabin the shallowest area at 12 metres. This depth, together with the frequent strong currents and low season rough seas, makes the diving here unsuitable for ...

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