Anemone Reef

phuket, Thailand

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scuba diving Sea anemones
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Carepet of sea anemones and the nutrient-rich water are the draw for the constant abundance of reef fish seeking food and shelter. Masive schools of tropical fish, groupers, snappers and asian clown fish, along with larger pelagic fish such as tuna and barracuda are seen here.

The occasional leopard shark can be seen passing by. Anemone Reef is also famous as a site for to viewing lionfish sometimes encountered in-groups of twelve or more.

This unique dive-site is a huge lime-stone pinnacle that soars 30 meters up from the seafloor to just beneath the surface then abruptly ends and drops back to a bottom of sand and oyster shells.

Although not as colorful as Shark Point this site is famous for its vast fields of sea anemones that cling to every imaginable surface and sway with the current creating an illusion of a living rock. A great dive site for scuba enthusiasts and underwater photographers of all levels.

As Anemone Reef lies very close to Phuket Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, you are just as likely to see leopard sharks here as you are there, and there's also a pair of hawksbill turtles that make frequent appearances. They seem to share their time between Anemone Reef and the King Cruiser Wreck. Conditions can be adverse, especially in rainy season during the months from May to October, which makes diving Phuket at this site suitable for intermediate level divers only.

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phuket, Thailand


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