Elephant Head Rock

Similan Islands, Thailand

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Big bolders, swim throughs, tunnels and sharks are abundant but this site is named after an unusually shaped rock that juts out of the water just southwest of Koh Similan, and looks like an elephant head.

There is so much to see here and the strong currents and deep water have been reported to have attracted all sorts of marine life and many a liverboard makes this one of its moust-do scuba spots.

Down at 30 metres on the sand you can look for purple fire gobies and the rare McCosker's dwarf wrasse. A little shallower is the endemic Similan jawfish.

Swimming through the tunnels you'll come across Andaman sweetlips, blue-ringed angelfish and bicolour parrotfish. Schooling snapper and yellow goatfish always hang around at the deepest levels, as well as several species of lionfish, grouper, and the occasional olive Ridley's turtle or hawksbill turtle. Take a look under the overhanging ledges to find several species of the larger snappers, such as one-spot, mangrove and black and white, as well as giant sweetlips.

Back towards the centre boulder pinnacle, giant trevally dive past, performing their daring mating manoeuvres. Mating couples sport different colours, 1 being typically silver, the other jet black. Hang out in the shallows here to off-gas at the end of your dive. Powder blue surgeonfish make their way across the boulder tops, grazing on the algae. Bigeye bream hang out here, seemingly eying you curiously, as large trains of travelling robust fusiliers arrive on the scene from other nearby feeding stations.

If you want to see a magical scuba diving spot in Thailand then this is probably as close as you will get.

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