Loh Samah Bay

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

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Loh Samah Bay offers sheltered shore diving that provides quality scuba diving off Phi Phi year round. Canyon and wall diving with an abundance and variety of marine life and corals. Often used for beginers this scuba site has enough to offer a seasoned pro at least dives.

The highlight of this Phi Phi diving site is a narrow 15m deep canyon on the east side. The canyon is wide enough for you to swim through single file, and is home to turtles and is lined with colourful gorgonians, soft corals and sea whips.

At the entrance to Loh Samah Bay on the south tip of Phi Phi Leh there is a small cliff islet. This islet has walls on all sides and is small enough to dive a complete circuit at a very relaxed pace.

The northern part of the wall is shallowest at around 8 metres, dropping down to 20 metres on the southern side, and the whole wall is covered in clams and hard corals with several patches of soft coral. Scorpionfish, lionfish and angelfish are common here.

Loh Samah Bay really comes to life on night dives when the wall appears more colourful than in the day and liveaboard boats moor here in the evenings. The reflected orange eyes of millions of shrimps make the wall sparkle as you hunt for painted lobster and decorator crabs in all the nooks and crannies.

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