Hin Luk Bat

Ko Chang, Thailand

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This is one of the prime dive sites around Koh Chang. The dive is around a pinnacle that acts as refuge to plenty of schooling fish, making it enjoyable for snorkellers too. The steeply sloping walls feature numerous barrel sponges and shelves of relatively healthy soft corals, colour is added by large areas of Christmas tree worms.

There is lots of healthy soft corals here and plenty of shelves around the pinnacle that home smaller reef organisms and crustaceans. You will spot crown of thorns starfish on this dive as you circumnavigate the formation. A popular site due to its proximity to Koh Chang.

The pinnacle itself is surrounded by huge boulders that offer great swim-throughs. In the deeper waters are crown of thorn starfish, bushy black corals, sea whips and small gorgonian sea fans. The plankton-enriched waters afford a good diversity of marine life, including angelfish, bannerfish, butterflyfish, fusiliers, groupers, parrotfish, snappers, morays, stingrays, and barracuda. This is also a good site for night diving.

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