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Thonburi Wreckscuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 1 diver

Thonburi Wreck

Ko Chang, Thailand

This is best scuba dived with a local dive centre as it can be tricky but if tackled correctly in the correct conditions this is a rewarding wreck dive. As with all Koh Change dive sites it is not over dived either! The Thonburi is a Thai warship that was sunk in the 1940's by the French over a colonial dispute. The wreck is quite clo...
Hin Luk Batscuba diving site
Avg rating 2 by 4 divers

Hin Luk Bat

Ko Chang, Thailand

This is one of the prime dive sites around Koh Chang. The dive is around a pinnacle that acts as refuge to plenty of schooling fish, making it enjoyable for snorkellers too. The steeply sloping walls feature numerous barrel sponges and shelves of relatively healthy soft corals, colour is added by large areas of Christmas tree worms. There is lot...
Koh Waiscuba diving site
Not Rated

Koh Wai

Ko Chang, Thailand

Easy scuba diving, nice visibility, shallow reefs with plenty of colour and deeper areas with a good chance of seeing leopard sharks, sting rays, white tip reef sharks and other pelagic fish. A shallow fringing reef with a good variety of hard corals and some soft corals along the deeper part of the reef-slope. The best features are at depths s...

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