Koh Wai

Ko Chang, Thailand

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scuba diving Blue Spot Sting Ray
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    24°C - 28°C
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Easy scuba diving, nice visibility, shallow reefs with plenty of colour and deeper areas with a good chance of seeing leopard sharks, sting rays, white tip reef sharks and other pelagic fish.

A shallow fringing reef with a good variety of hard corals and some soft corals along the deeper part of the reef-slope. The best features are at depths shallower than 12m, making the site suitable for the less experienced divers and safe night dives.The shallower parts of the reef are characterised by a plentiful range of reef-fish and small invertebrates.

This site has had little of the human damage that has been seen at more popular dive sites in Thailand and is a scuba diving gem at certain (december-march mainly) times of year.

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