Hugos Trench

Byron Bay, Australia

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This dive site actually consists of two parallel trenches: Hugo’s Trench and False Trench. They are sheltered from the strong Northerlies we often get between September and Christmas. The trenches are full of interesting rock formations and narrow gaps in huge rock walls for divers to swim through.

The depth in the trenches ranges from 8 to 17 meters. When there are big currents at Julian Rocks, both, divers and fish come here to have a rest. The trenches are full of life, big and small. This is the spot for Nudibranchs, they can be seen on the walls in all colours and sizes, but also for big marine life such as turtles, Kingfish, Bullrays, Eagle Rays and the occasional Manta. In winter it is not uncommon to find the trenches are full of Grey Nurse Sharks.

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