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Sydney, Australia

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scuba diving Grey Nurse Shark
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Home to a colony of Grey Nurse Sharks all year round. The site consists two caves that sit opposite each other at about 20m depth. There is a sandy area in between that scuba divers can easily kneel on and observe all the action in front of the larger of the two caves. By swimming south east along the wall divers often report a diverse array of marine life before reaching the smaller of the two caves at about 15m.

North of the two caves is a field of large boulders and a great area to find weedy sea dragons, giant cuttlefish (sometimes territorial), other species of sea dragons, massive sting rays, blue devilfish, giant cuttlefish, port jackson sharks and wobbegong sharks and schooling yellowtail.

In short there is lots to see, but generally scuba divers remember this site for the endangered grey nurse sharks.

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