The Mohole

Byron Bay, Australia

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The MoHole is small cave south of the Needles in the Julian Rocks marine park. With over 1000 recorded species of temperate, pelagic and tropic fish here, this is reknown as one of the most exiting dive spots in Australia if not the world. Manat rays, leopard sharks, 3 varieties of turtles and scuba diving with dolphins and whales is just the start!

The site bottoms at about 14m and there is plenty to see within about 50m radius of the Mohole cave. A large loggerhead turtle can usually be found sleeping at the bottom of the mohole gap, and large bullrays, leopard sharks, schools of kingfish and turtles can be seen swimming close by.

About 50m away there is a large crack in the rock wall called the Line of Smiles, so named because of the 30 or more wobbegong sharks that lie in there with their just heads visible. On closer inspection divers often see some marine treasure in the cracks here, be it crayfish and shrips or port jackson sharks and nudibranch, its truely an abundance of marine life here.

Dolphons are frequently seen by divers here but they never stay around for very long so make the most of the fleeting glimps if it happens. The whales visit these waters periodically and divers have reported be diving with them for more tha 15minutes.

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