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Magic pointscuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 6 divers

Magic point

Sydney, Australia

Home to a colony of Grey Nurse Sharks all year round. The site consists two caves that sit opposite each other at about 20m depth. There is a sandy area in between that scuba divers can easily kneel on and observe all the action in front of the larger of the two caves. By swimming south east along the wall divers often report a diverse array of m...
Shelly Beachscuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 9 divers

Shelly Beach

Sydney, Australia

Shelly beach is one of the most popular shore dives on the Sydney's northern beaches because of its sheltered location that makes diving suitable for all levels. On a good day you will see plenty of wobbegong sharks, sting rays as well as schools of Eastern Pomfred, Mados, Goatfish in the sandy areas, Flatheads and often Ludericks, Bannerfins and O...
Shiprock scuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 7 divers


Sydney, Australia

Shiprock is an Aquatic reserve and thus is home to an abundance of aquatic flora and flora, and has a reputation as one of the best night dives in NSW. Angler fish, harlequin ghost pipefish, large moray eels and flatheads are commonly seen along the wall and over 100 species of fish have been sited in the diverse ecosystem. The dive site is not kn...
Balmoral Bathsscuba diving site
Avg rating 2 by 5 divers

Balmoral Baths

Sydney, Australia

The dive site here centres around the man made bathing area that is protected from dangerous marine life and weed by nets. The site start as 5m from the beach and generally divers make their way around the enclosure and back agsain in 50 minutes. Starting at the southern corner and swimming anti-clockwise out and clockwise back is recommended. The...

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