Balmoral Baths

Sydney, Australia

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scuba diving Sea Horse
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The dive site here centres around the man made bathing area that is protected from dangerous marine life and weed by nets. The site start as 5m from the beach and generally divers make their way around the enclosure and back agsain in 50 minutes. Starting at the southern corner and swimming anti-clockwise out and clockwise back is recommended.

The main attractions here are the numerous, well camouflaged sea horses that bob up and down in the nets. These fascinating species of sea horse are so well disguised that often one diver will miss them while their more patient buddy camptures numerous closeup photos of them. White sea horses are the most common (upto 15cm high) but their numbers have fallen - due to their capture for aquariums!

Small yellowtail, seapike, blue-ringed octopus, pygmy leatherjackets, fan-bellied leatherjackets, sole, are seen close by and larger species such as salmon, bream and kingfish have been photographed here too. Larger species of shark have been sited here but close encounters have not been recorded.

This is a nice dive and its easy access and local facilities (shower and toilets) make this easy.

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