Neptune Islands

Port Lincoln , Australia

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Great White Sharks are seen here regularly throughout the year and a number of other large marine animals (dolphins, bronze whaler sharks, mako sharks, whales and seals) are seen here periodically through the year.

Approximately 2 hours by fast boat south of Port Lincoln lie the Neptune Islands that are the breeding ground for thousands of seals and these are the natural bait for the sometimes giant great white sharks. All diving is done in steel cages and the most popular sites are in and around the main bay where the sheltered water makes for a more pleasant dive. The nearby “drop off” that bottoms at 22m gives varied scenery. Action bay on the other hand has an abundance of colourful temperate water fish and makes for a great photo backdrop when one of the larger cousins swims by – this is the preferred bottom diving spot and the sharks are often here.

The best time to go is a debatable subject and it depends who you speak to and what experiences they have had. As always – nature is unpredictable. The general consensus is that from May to October divers are most likely to see large Great White Sharks (white pointers) for longer periods and this coincides with the cage diving peak season. The water is colder at this time of year and the chances of being caught in an ocean storm are higher.

During the summer season (December-February) the abundance of seals also means that the sharks are never far away but there are more reports of no-sighting trips during these months. However there is still a high chance (say 85%) of seeing Great Whites at this time of year, and the warmer weather and calmer seas make for a more pleasant experience.

If you want to see great white sharks then the Neptune Islands off Port Lincoln (South Australia) offer one of / if not the best locations in the world.

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