Horn, Osprey reef

Port Douglas, Australia

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Named after the horn shaped reef, this is one of the most enjoyed dive sites on the great barrier reef. This site is home to many species of sharks (whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, silvertips, hammerheads and tiger sharks) and an abundance of other marine life too.

Guaranteed to see white tip reef sharks and often more than 12 seperate sharks are seen per dive. Generally the other reef dwelling sharks are seen and much more occassionally sightings of hammerheads and tiger sharks are made on the fringes of the reef. The site attracts large pelagic fish such as schools of dogtooth tuna, three-spot dart, rainbow runners, pelagic octopus and mackerel. The marine life here have been fed since the 1980's and the fish and the reef sharks are quite familiar with divers allowing close up encounters.

The large soft corals on the reef are quite spectacular and make a superrb backdrop for underwater photographers. This is particularly true on the western wall where the corals are huge. The reef is also home to a number of interesting reef species such as potato cod, moray eels, pleurobranch, nautilus, crabs, shrimps and sleeping fish.

This site is rightly famous for being one of the top scuba sites in Australia.

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