Tanjung Mak Cantik

Redang, Malaysia

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    26°C - 28°C
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There can be strong currents around the submerged boulders here. This is great for larger fish sucha as barracuda, jacks and trevally; and many other typical tropical reef fish can always be seen here when scuba diving. Schooling fish that sweep around the coral formations in spectacular unison.

Some beautiful coral and anemone gardens can be found here too. It is not as 'busy' as Shark Bay, but you'll get to see just as much variety of reef life, including a resident stingray, titan triggerfish, school of squid, porcupine fish, giant grouper, clams, christmas tree coral and perhaps even a banded krait sea snake and octopus.

This shore dive is easily accessible from the front and rear beach of Redang Reef Resort at southern Pasir Panjang. From the front beach, get in the water and snorkel right along the rocky outcrop. Alternatively, you can also start from the rear beach and head out with the outcrop to your left.

Going around the outcrop should be left to experienced snorkellers as the water can get a little choppy once you reach the side facing the open sea.

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