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Sugar Wreckscuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 5 divers

Sugar Wreck

Perentian Islands, Malaysia

This 90 meter cargo ship sank in 2000, she now lies on her side at around 18 meters below. Reef adaptation can be seen here as already there are corals and shells growing on the hull. Big schools of snappers, jacks and trevally circle the hulk and myriad smaller fish shelter inside. Penetration is possible for experienced divers and the engine r...
Terumbu Tigascuba diving site
Avg rating 4 by 4 divers

Terumbu Tiga

Perentian Islands, Malaysia

Strong currents, clear waters and plenty of marine life to keep most divers happy for 3 consecutive plunges. Terumbu Tiga which means "Three Reefs" in English, is also called Tiger Rock or Small Reef, and it too is also rated as one of the top scuba dive sites in Malaysia. The dive site is usually washed by currents and makes an interest...
Barracuda Pointscuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 7 divers

Barracuda Point

Sipadan, Malaysia

World famous dive site and one of the many surrounding Sipadan Island that can be described as outstanding! Almost guaranteed to see massive schools of barracuda, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, grey reef sharks, white and black tip reef sharks, bannerfish and redtooth triggerfish and all the usual tropical fish just in greater numbers than you m...
Tokong Lautscuba diving site
Avg rating 3 by 5 divers

Tokong Laut

Perentian Islands, Malaysia

Arguably one of the best scuba diving sites in the Perhentians.Marine life and clear waters throughout the year lends this site unmissible for scuba enthusists of all levels. A series of underwater boulders and pinnacles homes all manner of marine life; Pufferfish and boxfish are common here along side several species of anemonefish living ...
Mandarin Valley scuba diving site
Avg rating 2 by 5 divers

Mandarin Valley

Kapalai, Malaysia

A lesser known cousin to the scuba sites of Sipadan, this is a beautiful underwater experiemce all year round. Clear waters and unpoilt marine life make this a scuba enthusiats dream. Great underwater macro photography options here too. A gentle coral slope here descends to around 20 meters. Sightings by divers of rarer and smaller species th...
Tanjung Mak Cantikscuba diving site
Avg rating 2 by 3 divers

Tanjung Mak Cantik

Redang, Malaysia

There can be strong currents around the submerged boulders here. This is great for larger fish sucha as barracuda, jacks and trevally; and many other typical tropical reef fish can always be seen here when scuba diving. Schooling fish that sweep around the coral formations in spectacular unison. Some beautiful coral and anemone gardens can be fo...

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