Terumbu Tiga

Perentian Islands, Malaysia

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    26°C - 28°C
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Strong currents, clear waters and plenty of marine life to keep most divers happy for 3 consecutive plunges.

Terumbu Tiga which means "Three Reefs" in English, is also called Tiger Rock or Small Reef, and it too is also rated as one of the top scuba dive sites in Malaysia.

The dive site is usually washed by currents and makes an interesting drift dive, visibility can fluctuate from 5 to 15 meters depending on the tide. The stunning massive granite boulders slope down to about 20 meters and support various soft corals, barrel sponges, sea fans and coral whips swaying with the current. Schools of fusiliers, jacks and batfish swirl around dotted with several species of angelfish and butterflyfish. This most picturesque site also offers many exciting swim-throughs and canyons.

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Last updated by Jerry on 2/3/2012

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