Bushrangers Bay

Wollongong, Australia

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Probably the best place to scuba dive near Wollongong. There are always plenty of temperate water species to be seen here, including wrass, snapper and flathead. Seals are sometimes encountered and on a good day they stick around and check out the divers (a truely amazing scuba diving experience). In the warmer months tropical fish also come south and visit this sheltered dive site.Kelp and brown seaweed abound with many varieties of small critters to be found here too. Some very colourful nudibranchsa have been captured on camera here too.

Access to Bushrangers Bay is located at the end of Bass Point, 5km from the township of Shellharbour. The area is an Aquatic Reserve protecting all forms of life within the bay.

The outer bay extends down to the seabed at 18 m depth. Fish are abundant, including both common temperate and seasonal tropical visitors. A large wall of rocks can be passed over leading you to the walls outside the bay

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