Cod Hole

Byron Bay, Australia

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scuba diving Leopard shark
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This dive site is known for inhabiting the unknown. But generally you can find leopard sharks, loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles, grey nurse sharks and manta rays when the water is warm enough. The visibility here can be variable but when its good this is probably the top dive site in NSW.

At the bottom of the nursery mooring (12m) head west to the edge of the sandy area, as the depth gradually deepens to 20m you will come to the rocky ridges that are frequently occupied by grey nurse sharks, turtles and eagle rays. There is no real need to have a plan from here as your eyes will guide you. Follow the species that takes your fancy. In the warm months this might be manta rays in the blue, leopard sharks in the sandy open areas or turtles hiding in the kelp.

Due to this sites location (an outcrop of rocks in the ocean) pretty much anything can turn up and be observered here and that's hy this has probably the most diverse marine life anywhere in Australia. The number of recoded species goes into the thousands and that's just a start!

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