North Point Reef, Rottnest

Perth, Australia

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Wondefuly scuba spot if conditions are favourable. A mass of underwater caves and amazing topography. Large Eagle rays, cray fish and Grooper and rough fish are major attractions. 

Many Perth divers come here to catch cray-fish (lobsters) and then have BBQ on rottnest island. There is an aducance of marine life here and like many Western Australian dive sites this site homes a wide variety of fish species.

When the ocean is not calm the surge and currents at this site can make for a very testing dive. Also to be avoided during certain months due to increased chances of coming face to face with great white sharks!

The ravine sita at 25 metres and shows up well on any echo sounder. Having swum through the ravine , the ground to the North at around the 20-25 metre mark is worth a look too.

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