Cod Spot - Muiron Islands

Exmouth, Australia

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Cod Spot comprises of one long wall about 4m high covered an abundance of corals (beautiful hard and soft coral) and some unusual types not seen in near by Exmouth. At the northern end of the wall is a sand patch which if crossed for approx 10-15m will lead to a large bommie. This is, during the season, a manta ray cleaning station. Several mantas can be at the location at any one time.

There are numerous schooling fish as well and they seem to be attracted to the sheltered areas that this site provides. Turtles and the occasional whale shark have been spotted whilst exploring the extremities of this great dive spot.

The location got its name from the presence of several large potato cod resident here. They will often follow a diver around the site as a large school or circle them during safety stops.

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