Crystal Palace

Perth, Australia

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Positioned approximately 850m southwest of Dyer Island, Crystal Palace has a depth range of 8-18m. Situated on the south east side of the Island this hidden dive site is spectacular. Being a site that is not listed on any of the maps and charts it is a dive site that is relatively un-dived. Entering the water, which is generally quite calm due to the position of the site, the first thing you will notice is the sheer amount of caves and swim throughs that you can see just from the surface. Looking down you will know straight away that 1 tank is not going to be enough!

As you descend into this array of caves you will see many fish of all species scarper into different directions to make way for you. This is the site where you are most likely to see just about every species of fish you are likely to encounter around Rottnest in the 1 dive! From the colorful Harlequin fish to the breathtaking big Blue Gropers, that can push you backwards just from the power of a tail kick in the opposite direction. Stay there a while though because he is sure to return curiously to see his new Scuba friend.

Once you have had a good look around over the top of the reef, begin to explore the subterranean caves for more exciting encounters! On this dive expect to see large Samson fish, the occasional Dhufish, Western Blue Devils, Buffalo Bream, Morwongs, Box fish, Leatherjackets and of course Crayfish! The topography of Crystal Palace is just brilliant with constant caves, holes and swimthroughs; this is a dive that you will not get bored with. The site covers around 6-800m of awesome reef, which will excite even the most experienced diver.

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