Exmouth Naval Pier

Exmouth, Australia

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Rated by many of the world's famous diving figures as one of the top ten shore scuba dives, this site is the most well known site in Western Australia. Maximum depth is 17m and with little need to fin far this is a dive suitable for all levels. Just be warned that this site is phenomenal in terms of sheer number of species and subsequent dives elsewhere may seem dull!

Due to the peer being a military construction (originally owned by the USA and now back in the hands of Australia) only one dive company per season has license to take people diving here and they are required to see your passport before you are allowed to plunge in!

Over 200 species of fish and barely any need to fin as everything you could imagine is within 80m by 60m of sheltered water. Its nature’s aquarium where the following are seen daily:

  • reef sharks,
  • trevally,
  • schools of the often solitary lionfish
  • many species of angelfish
  • moorish idols
  • schools of snapper
  • lots of nudibranchs
  • octopi
  • wobbegongs
  • parrotfish
  • many types of butterfly fish
  • batfish and angelfish
  • boxfish
  • moray eels
  • lots and lots of others

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